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October 2007 Report

SESSION I: Definitions and Qualitative Descriptions of Fatigue

Andrea Barsevick

David Cella: Cancer Fatigue Dimensions?

Recap: Bullet points from SESSION I

SESSION II: Conceptualizing Fatigue in Cancer

Kelly Grotzinger, Marlene Frost, and Jane Scott: Conceptualizing Fatigue

Recap: Bullet points from SESSION II

SESSION III: Current Status of Clinical Trials

Ann O'Mara: Overview of NCI-Supported Fatigue Trials

Elizabeth Piault: In Their Own Words: Quotes from Cancer Patients About Fatigue 

Recap: Qualitative Research draft report

SESSION IV: Target Product Claims

Don Manning:

SESSION V: Measurement of Fatigue in Clinical Trials

Bryce Reeve: Measurement of Fatigue in Cancer Clinical Trials

Mark Jensen: Validity of Fatigue Recall Ratings

Charlie Cleeland: Longitudinal Assessment of Cancer-Related Fatigue: When to use it? What does it add?

Maria Sgambati: Fatigue Measurement in NCI-Sponsored Clinical Trials

Recap: Bullet points from SESSION V

SESSION VI: Study Design

Shelley Wang: Determinants and Confounding Issues for CRF

Jeff Sloan: EORTC QLQ-FA-R15 (Version Phase II)

Don Manning:

SESSION VII: Review of the Consensus and Next Steps

Jeff Sloan: Achievements/Consensus

Recap: Bullet points from SESSION VII