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Fatigue Task Force Chairs: Andrea M. Barsevick, PhD, RN, AOCN and Jane A. Scott, PhD

The first ASCPRO topic task force, which focused on cancer-related fatigue, was charged with making recommendations concerning such issues as conceptual and endpoint models of fatigue, target product profiles, the use of unidimensional versus multidimensional assessment, and how to best represent severe fatigue. The Fatigue Task Force established objectives and formed work groups at an initial planning meeting in April 2007 and presented its preliminary findings for review and discussion at the ASCPRO Steering Committee meeting in October 2007. The group met again in June 2008 to seek further consensus based on input from the October 2007 meeting and published its recommendations in early 2010.

This area of the ASCPRO website is a repository of working documents for use by the Fatigue Task Force. Task Force members, please direct your comments on any of these documents to