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Multisymptom Task Force Chairs: Charles S. Cleeland, PhD, Jeff A. Sloan, PhD, and Nora A. Janjan, MD.

The Multisymptom Task Force recommendations have been published: Cleeland CS, Sloan JA, Cella D, Chen C, Dueck AC, Janjan NA, Liepa AM, Mallick R, O'Mara A, Pearson JD, Torigoe Y, Wang XS, Williams LA, Woodruff JF. Recommendations for including multiple symptoms as endpoints in oncology clinical trials: a report from the ASCPRO Multisymptom Task Force. Cancer: e-pub ahead of print, 6/2012.   [Link to PubMed]

The Multisymptom Task Force focused on the synergistic effect of multiple cancer-related symptoms. Task Force members established objectives and formed work groups at an initial planning meeting, and attended one or more follow-up meetings to refine the group's recommendations and to finalize the primary product, a position paper. Interim meetings were held via teleconference.

This area of the website provided a repository of working documents for use by the Multiple Symptom Task Force during its deliberations.